Dry pastels in the morning ( Drawing 43 )


I thought it went quite well while i was playing with the pastels, but looking at Degas’ original and my drawing site by site sort of makes me smile..

Degas’ drawing (painting? What do you call them?) is probably much bigger than mine (I hope) and besides from that, it is more or less my first attempt at drawing something “precise” with dry pastels (i should maybe just note that they are 1×1 cm in thickness, square and short black-board-chalk-like wonderful things)

They mix easily and the size of the sticks motivates you to go quickly and sort of forces you into a crazed sketching-mode.

The perspective is funny.. I seem to be more precise when dealing with real life or photos, than with drawing after paintings.. Maybe i should make an effort next time. The woman in the picture turned out a bit like a deformed sea-creature – something i might want to work on.. But then again – It could be an abstraction og a woman, couldn’t it?… (?)

I gave it half a bottle of fixative, and i think that’ll be all for this morning. Maybe i’ll get around to be doing some more today, but my other obligations are getting busier.. If i’m lucky i do get to do some real-life perspective drawing sketches for a school project, but we’ll see.

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