Drawing of Vans shoes in ballpoint pen

Drawing of a pair of Vans shoes in ballpoint penAfter doing a pair of boots this morning after a photo, I thought that I owed you a “real life” drawing.
These are my stinky work shoes, drawn a little bit from above. I tried using my whole arsenal of ballpoint pens (I have two) – one very thin and one a little less so. The fatter one is a little more generous with the ink, and that gave me some contrast. They’re not terribly precise. It’s late, and my eyes want to close. I don’t think it’s so bad for the drawing though. Maybe I should have looked at them a little more on an “angel” to get a slightly less “flat” look.. They are kind of flat though. I often just stick my feet in and thread down the heel, but then again, most shoes ought be able to take that.. Now I’m off to bed.


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