Drawing of three bananas in ballpoint pen

Ballpoint pen sketch of three bananasHere’s some bananas I drew yesterday evening upon arriving for my night-shift. I didn’t eat them, though. They were a little too ripe for my taste.. I’m a bit childish that way.. But I think the drawing turned out well. I’m really fed-up with that night shift.. Maybe I should become a professional banana artist. What do you think a banana-sketch like this is worth? $100 ? $1000 ?
It might just be worth the price of three bananas. I think I’m still waiting a little with the price-tags πŸ˜‰

On my way home from the night shift I did quick sketch of my keys. I don’t think I’m going to dedicate a post to it, so I’ll just show you here:
Sketch of keys in ballpoint penI was on my way home in the train, and wanted to kill time drawing something, so I gave it a shot with my keys.. I quickly realized that my eyelids were way too heavy to get anything serious done, so i quickly abandoned that idea..

The bananas was my 438th drawing and the keys the 439th.. Moving closer to the 500!

Now I’m going to draw a cat πŸ™‚

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  1. I’m like you about bananas….they have to be JUST RIGHT before I really enjoy eating them….but your drawing definitely IS “just right”…..I like the keys too – only a super artist can bring keys to life!



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