Drawing of Houdini, the Yorkshire Terrier in ballpoint pen.

Sketch of Houdini the Yorkshire terrier dogThis unbelievable little thing is no stuffed animal – It’s Houdini – a ten-month old Yorkshire Terrier who lives Hotel Thompson with his friend Bacon. Read more about Houdini here.
I think it turned out really well! I don’t normally give in to cute animal photo’s because I’m afraid to forget to eat or something once I get sucked into the internet’s cuter domains, but this little guy, I just couldn’t resist! The photo was really good.. This is obviously an important part in making nice drawings – you need to have some good reference material. Either that, or be a wizard of (dog) anatomy, fur-texture and so on. I still can’t draw anything without “copying” from a photo, or from real life. I’m hoping to learn to “invent” a drawing at some point, but that’s a big mouthful.

In trying to learn about this particular kind of Yorkshire terrier (a so-called teacup yorkie.. maybe it fits in a teacup? ;)) – I found a wikipedia article where it’s mentioned that these dogs often have some medical issues especially during pregnancy because they simply are too small. I certainly am no dog expert, but it’s probably something that one should look into, if one’s thinking about getting one. I have heard similar stories about Pugs – they’re bread to have big heads and small bodies and as a result there are sometimes complications during pregnancy. Even the German Shepherd apparently often has hip and shoulder problems due to breeding practices.. Buying a dog, is no walk in the park, it would seem! I guess that in the end, it’s all a question of finding the best breeder who has the wellbeing of the animal as a priority above anything else. I suppose I just want to say that I hope Houdini has escaped those health issues mentioned on wikipedia. He sure looks like he’s alright 😉

That was my 444th drawing!

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  1. I love how you capture the personality of the pet in their eyes and mouths. That is not easy to do!
    OMG you are a kindred spirit!!! Remember I told you I draw (I was going to be an Art major), but that I no longer do? Whenever I would draw it would ONLY be from photographs or something I was looking at, never, ever anything I “created” on my own. I used to say the EXACT same thing as you!!!

    • Thanks a lot! – You should really pick up drawing again! I’d love to see some of your work! Yeah, i feel like i need to know so much more before i can start to “invent” something.. But sometimes you just need to give it a try.. hmm.. Maybe i ought to try 😉

  2. What a great drawing! We have been hearing so much about you and your artwork from our friends, so we came over to see for ourselves. And boy, are we ever glad that we did. 🙂

    Are you still taking requests for new drawings? If so, we’d be honored to have you do one of our cats.

    • Thanks a lot! Yeah sure ! But I get more requests per day that I am able to draw, so it might be a while before I get to do the drawing :).. Do you have a link to some photos or similar? You can also contact me through the “contact me” page, and I’ll respond back with my email address where you can send some pictures of your cats 🙂

  3. What a great drawing of my friend Houdini..and indeed it has captured that cute personality 🙂 and again how wonderful to see a friend so beautifully represented 🙂

  4. Another excellent job of capturing the personality of the animal in the drawing Thomas. Houdini (or Hoo Hoo as we call him!) is a bundle of energy and keeps the Hotel Thompson (especially Bacon) on their feet. That sense of playfulness is in his eyes and you caught it perfectly!


  5. SQUEALS! Oh my pigs. My little buddy looks totally awesome there. You did capture him perfectly! All the way down to his cute little chocolate chip nose. How perfect is that!!?!! I must show everything on my blog in a few minutes. Thank you my friend for doing the little guy. I printed this for his room. He’s going to get a bigger head now than he already has – snorts. XOXO – Bacon


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