Drawing of Freya Frecklepaws the cat in ballpoint pen

Drawing of a cat called Freya Frecklepaws in ballpoint pen

Here’s a quick one i did yesterday evening. I think that it turned out okay for a quick sketch. I have over 80 requests in my queue now. It’s getting a little crazy.

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15 thoughts on “Drawing of Freya Frecklepaws the cat in ballpoint pen”

    • Lol, thanks. There are a. Lot of hopeful people submitting their pet photos every day, and I only wish I could make them all happy.. i’m thinking about changing the way I pick the requests every day.. perhaps some kind of voting system.. that way it would probably only be the best photos being picked and the draw would still be out of my hands..

      • Not a bad idea BUT there would probably be some hard feelings like that…..the best way might be to begin using some kind of random drawing system! Rafflecopter is one but I think it costs something to use………I think it’s really wonderful that so many people have seen your work and admire it and see what a great job you do capturing ANYTHING you draw……so much so that they want you to do a drawing for them. Congratulations….you are a big success with your craft!


        • Thank you so much πŸ™‚ maybe I’ll take a look at rafflecopter.. anyway it would be nice with some kind of tool that could take care of the organization. I spend a lot of time basically copying urls into a word document ever day for every request I get πŸ˜‰

  1. That is a great sketch of the kitty….I looked at the picture and then at the sketch….doing this several times….I can’t really see much difference….well, I can’t see any difference.

    You have lots of requests for sketches because you’re good…do you think you’d have so many requests if you weren’t good? Nope! I am very happy that peeps are seeing just how good you are my friend.



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