Drawing of Cisco the dog in ballpoint pen

Drawing of a dog called Cisco in ballpoint penHi everyone! Here’s a drawing I did while using my phone to show the reference photo. I did the drawing while killing time before starting my night shift Friday evening, and while I did it, I wasn’t too happy about it. To me, it’s a little too messy, but I was very positively surprised when I saw it in the thumbnail or “from a distance”.. I did the drawing in some 15 minutes, you you have to keep in mind, that it isn’t precision work. But I actually am pretty happy with it when I take a few steps back. I’ve always been really jealous of people making messy cross-hatching that looks like nothing up close, and then reveals something completely different when you get the overall view.. I’m not there yet, this was a coincidence, but I fell it’s moving in the right direction!

This was my 523th drawing since 9th September 2014
Here’s the tweet with the original photo:


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