Drawing of a very fluffy and vertical cat called Angel Eyes in pencil

Pencil drawing of Angel Eyes the catThis pillar of fluff is a cat called Angel Eyes, an inhabitant of the blog “Katzenworld”

It’s been a little while since i did anything in pencil. Most of what I’ve done recently has been very sketchy and in ballpoint pen. I think that it might be visible.
It does sort of look like the reference photo, although the fur always overpowered me.

While drawing it, I suddenly remembered what has happened the last couple of times that I’ve done pencil sketches on the opposite site of ink-drawings – which is the case for this one. I use rather soft graphite – down to 6B, so it smudges a lot, and it’s necessary to fix it with some kind of spray (I use the cheapest hairspray that I can find. it has a weird perfumey smell)
However, when I spray this stuff on the graphite on one side, it tends to make the ink migrate through the paper, so I end up with some kind of.. double drawing.. I think I’m going to sleep on it. Maybe I’l just spray it very carefully and just a little bit.. Hmm.

Okay, I’m really really tired. See you tomorrow guys!

And that was my 412th drawing.

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