Drawing of a “Talkman” electronic gadget in ballpoint pen

Drawing of an electronic gadget in ballpoint penYesterday was my nightshift at the warehouse.. There were no fruit to draw yesterday, so I just went with this thing. It’s called a “talkman”. I attatch it to my belt, plug in a headset and then I spend the entire night listening to a robotic voice telling me what to do, while I try and report back to it with as clear and understandable a voice i can possible muster at 4’o clock in the morning. But we just don’t understand each other. This is hell. Soon the humans will be replaced completely by robots. Literally! I can’t wait to resign!!! I do get to buy stuff at exceptional prices though.. Like ten packets of French goat cheese.. And some Spanish strawberries.. Not quite sweet enough yet though.
As for the drawing.. I suppose you can notice a hint of my enthusiasm for my work it it 😉 Nothing worth writing a blog post about really!

Now I’ll draw a dog 🙂


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