Drawing of a happy goat called Abby Goat – in ballpoint pen

Sketch of a goat called Abby drawn in ballpoint penThis is a drawing of a happy goat called Abby Goat! – Other than being a happy goat, she’s also a very beautiful goat in my opinion! Look at that friendly face!
This drawing was requested by Patty Woodland who blogs at Broken Teepee – thanks for the request – I hope you like the picture!
I’m actually really happy about this one. I also caught myself suddenly daydreaming about living somewhere where I could have a couple of these fellas walking around behind the house, greeting me with maaa’s in the early morning..

That was my 450’th drawing πŸ™‚

25 thoughts on “Drawing of a happy goat called Abby Goat – in ballpoint pen”

    • Well based on an encounter that i once had with a goat, I cannot completely rule out that that might be the case πŸ˜‰ these guys are always smiling friendly at you, but then when you turn your back, you never know what they might do !


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