Drawing of a hamster in ballpoint pen and watercolor. For some reason it’s pink.

Sketch of a hamster in a hand drawn in ballpoint pen and watercolorAnother facebook request
This is a (indulged) hamster from the blog Indulged Furries – The owner entered into my daily-drawing-draw on facebook by liking my facebook page and sharing my pet drawing offer (fireworks and flashes!) on her facebook wall. – I pick one entry at random every day (or whenever I can)

It turned out really pink. I saw someone in Rome who sold his own drawings done in red and black ballpoint pen. I thought I’d give it a shot, but the red was way too red, and with added watercolor it gets really flashy. Useful if the hamster is hiding.

This was the last page in my current sketchbook – I’m going to break out a new one with lighter paper – which means that It won’t work for watercolor. I have a big sketchbook with good watercolor paper for that, but I don’t think I’ll be able to dedicate a lot of time to big drawings anytime soon.

This was my 487th drawing!


32 thoughts on “Drawing of a hamster in ballpoint pen and watercolor. For some reason it’s pink.”

  1. That’s really good!! The human’s nephew is sporting a pink mohican at the moment so I guess it’s all the rage with the kids!! MOL But seriously it highlights the fur beautifully!

  2. I looooooove it!!! ❤️ This is so cute!!! And I must say I somehow really like the pink in it. Makes it more interesting and fits with the background. Now I have to look for your FB page! I have one too, and I will get in touch with you there too (if everything works… 😉). Have a great day!!!


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