Drawing of a cat named Willow in ballpoint pen

Drawing of a cat called WillowHere’s a cat called WIllow. It’s a request from Twitter. You’re probably getting used to these Twitter cats by now and wondering if I will ever get on to drawing other things anytime soon? The truth is that I don’t know. Right now requests are piling up and I actually quite enjoy drawing these pets.. But I’m not ordering my engraved “pet artist” brass sign just yet. I think it’s a fun way to learn and a lot of people are really happy with these drawings, so I might as well continue. I still have a lot to learn.
This drawing, for example, could have been planned out a little better! In reality the cat’s eyes are a little closer together, making it seem a little less… Dim.. But I got to try out a few new pens that I bought. I was surprised to discover that there was an even thinner version of my “weapon of choice” ballpoint pen, and even though I know nothing of what I’m talking about, I somehow like to draw with as thin a pen as possible – and then jump in with something a little generous with the ink in the later stages of a drawing. I think that the new pen combo worked really well for this one – albeit not fixing the proportions !
This was my 527th drawing.



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  1. I must disagree with your “self-critique” ! I think you did a perfect job capturing this adorable cat……..the expression on her face and the eyes look perfectly done. Really.



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