Drawing of a cat called Truffles in ballpoint pen

Sketch of a cat called Truffles in ballpoint penA fellow blogger from Mochas Mysteries Meows asked me to do a drawing of her cat, Truffles!

The eyes didn’t turn out so good – but I think the fur went all right!
If you think that I’m drawing a lot of cats these days, you’re completely right! I’ve been receiving a lot of requests recently, and it has turned into some kind of weird cat-marketing-campaign. I never knew that there were so many cat-blogs out there ;).
For the moment, it’s a nice change going from drawing heads of states to pets. I think that there’s a lot to be learned from all that fur! So keep the requests coming! (I can draw all sorts of things.. It hasn’t got to be cats! I’m waiting a little with Bacon the pot-bellied pig, though, because I’d like to find a good photo to work from first!)

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