Drawing of a cat called Keisha in India ink

Drawing of Keisha the cat in india inkThis cat is called Keisha, or rather stunning Keisha. I drew this after getting a request from Cathy who blogs over at Stunning Keisha. It’s quite fitting, for it is a stunning cat! Beautiful fur and eyes.
As for my drawing, I wanted to do something in india ink. It’s a little hard for me to control, so especially on the top of the head, it got too black.. As soon as it’s on the paper, there’s no going back, though, so I have to call this a finished sketch. I think that maybe next time I work in liquid ink, I’ll try to wipe the brush on some paper each time I put on some ink, so it doesn’t get too concentrated.. I love ink sketches.. Here’s some of Rembrandt’s – I really really really enjoy how they so simply makes something so beautiful.. That’s a medium I’d like to master!

It’s more than just a little late here where I am, so I’m heading off to bed..If this not-so-perfect attempt at an ink-drawing hasn’t put everybody off, I’m just going to add that that I’d still gladly accept requests. For now there’s enough for a week or more, but keep them coming!


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  1. A great drawing again. You completely have the expression in CK’s eyes. The ink gives a softness that you feel you can touch.

  2. Oh, wow, we just linked over here from CK’s blog, and this really is *stunning.* Oddly enough, we always thought of India ink as being very dark and not having as much nuance as this. The result is almost like watercolor. (Only India ink is a lot harder to clean up than watercolor, isn’t it?)

    We know so many of the kitties you are drawing, and you really have an eye for capturing them! If you aren’t tired of cats as subjects, we would love a drawing of one of us. (http://www.catsherdyou.com)


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