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Starving artist in need of money for coffee, ink and paper!
…and maybe some French cheese

Recently, I have had someone ask me “If I take donations” – I hesitated a little in answering this question, because I had a hard time finding the most sober way of saying “YES YES YES!!!!”

I hadn’t thought of it as a possibility before. I do my daily drawings for free – it’s mostly a question of gaining experience and perhaps a little exposure online, and while most people are really happy with their drawings, I wouldn’t like to charge anything for them. The owners don’t get the original, but only a scan, and I’m not always totally satisfied with the result. it’s all a part of learning.
Still if someone should ever want to donate something – no matter how little, I’d really appreciate it.

*I pick a request randomly every day from an increasingly long list of pet-photo’s. I’d just like to point out that donating something will not make you more lightly of “winning” a drawing – if you want to be sure to get one, contact me, and we can discuss commissioning a drawing

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