Delilah the cat. Sketch in ballpoint pen

Drawing of a cat called Delilah in ballpoint penDear friendsย  – this is how I draw when I haven’t slept for 36 hours. I’ve had stuff to do immediately after my night shift this morning, and in the afternoon I had some time on my hands. I decided to try and do a drawing from one of the facebook shares. This one is of a cat called Delilah. I’m not overly satisfied with my drawing – in fact, I feel a little bad about presenting it to the owner of the cat. My project of drawing one (or multiple) sketches per day is all about quantity. Sometimes I end up really happy with the result. Other times not so much. A drawing can say so much. In this case, the story that it tells it probably more that if a dog tired cat-artist rather than something about the cat.. I would have liked to show you a bit more of this cat’s personality, though because she looks like a funny one!

Read more about Delilah and other cats at KittyCatChronicles.comย  which is the blog where she and her owner hangs out!


14 thoughts on “Delilah the cat. Sketch in ballpoint pen”

  1. My 9 year old recently observed that his drawing style varies depending on his mood. He tried to draw the same subject twice and the drawings that emerged were very different, hence his epiphany. He then flicked through my sketchbooks and said he could tell which drawings I had been really into and which were like a chore. He was right but my approach differed less by attitude and more according to energy/exhaustion levels. I’ve no advice on the subject, just understanding.

  2. haha….she seems a little off….for you. One eye seems too big….that may be the way she looks I don’t know.
    Thomas I finally got Kali and Shoko on the sidebar of my blog. Please take a look. Shoko looks mean as hell…doesn’t she? Kali looks like the queen she is. She needs some softening for the sidebar. I am going to try and find a more becoming picture.



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