Constructive system at Can Lis

2014-09-16a org SONY DSC

So here you have another one from Can Lis – The photo is taken from a book – the drawing is significantly less clear than the photo, but i kind of like the roughness. Essentially an analytical drawing of a column/beam system ought be clear and show the “essence” of a system – to help the spectator better see – i think that this one does the opporsite – but at some point i’ll get there. Anyhow – this putting the drawing up next to the photo is really revealing, and it’s quite obvious that a lot of things are quite far from the original… Who cares – it’ll get better!

i’m still drawing in a very small format –  about 14 x 8 cm – so if you’re wondering about the clumsiness of the lines and the lack of prescition, this might be (part) og my excuse. I plan on keeping on with the small format at least until i get a little more routine and confidence to keep spending more time drawing each day. A small drawing like this is doable – it takes me 30-45 minutes to make a drawing (you might find that a lot!) – so a drawing in a a4 or a3 format would take significantly longer, and i’m worried that i might die of boredom and frustration. In other words: right now a small drawing is fun, and i can stop when my frustration takes over – if i were to do the same thing with an a3, i’d never get further than drawing up the base geometry!

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