Coffee and mug – study of a photo by Tim Diggles


This is another photo by Tim Diggles that i just did. I was a bit tired coming back from my studies today, so i searched for something that wasn’t too complicated. I really liked drawing this, however, as usual when put up next to one another, you see the differences. The cup needs some more toning on both the inside and the outside.. I still don’t understand why i see so much clearer when it’s up there on the screen.. It doesn’t matter 😉

I think i’ll do an aquarel before going to bed this evening, but i’m not promising anything… Another thing that’s on my to-do list is something with a lot of trees and plants.. I want to be able to draw good plants in different detail levels… What i’d really like, is to draw very the kind of very low-abstraction trees you often see in old-school architectural drawings.. But i haven’t find any good examples to learn from yet.. If someone has god some suggestions regarding trees and plants (or anything else for that matter) they’re welcome to write them here!

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