City-scape #7 ( Drawing 86 )

2014-10-20aSONY DSC

I got a comment from Bosartis who suggested that I continue with the pen/watercolour combination, like i did here. This is an attempt to do that – it’s not as succesful as the other one in my opinion. The colors are better in the former, and the lines more messy (which is a drawing like this seems like a quality) – I think that i’ll try to do another drawing with this method later in the day, and hopefully, it’ll be better.

Thanks to Bosartis for the comment!

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  1. It is difficult for me to be an art critic, especially when I enjoy abstract realism (somewhat of an oxymoron). I went through your whole list of drawings and I like Cityscape 7 (Drawing 86). It is somewhat abstract yet maintains a realism. I won’t compare you to other artists but it reminds me of another artist. This is a very good work. I enjoy colors so, of course, that caught my attention. I think the perspective is very good in this work. I did see some of your other drawings which lacked in perspective, but you noticed it also. I am following you now because it is a wonderful adventure to go through the artistic process with you, with your own comments. Maybe sometimes a bit hard on yourself but not too much. I will offer what suggestions i can but, as I said before, I don’t like critics. You are very talented, just some rough edges.

    • Hi, thanks a lot for your comment!
      Self-criticism can be hard! – You’re your own worst critic, and sometimes it’s better to try and see the positive site – to not discourage oneself. On the other hand, I think it can be a good help, knowing what i want to improve. When i critique myself, the intention is not to call my own work bad – I try not to be too frustrated about bad drawings – but i want to be somewhat objective about what I’ve got going.. If I’m hard on myself, people often comment with encouragements trying to “cheer me up” – this is not the intention, I’d much prefer to get some suggestions on improvements !
      I’ve been doing this blog for around two months, and I have surpassed 150 drawings – some of these I am really satisfied with (everything concidered) whereas others not so much. I think that the quantity helps me on the whole – a bad drawing here and there doesn’t matter too much in the ocean of sketches, and on the whole, even i can see improvement from the beginning to now..
      I think that I’ll be switching to a sketchbook with watercolour-paper when i finish this one up, in about 3 weeks – so hopefully I’ll be doing a lot more color in the future! (Its getting a little grey leafing through my sketchbooks these days!)
      Thanks again for commenting and following!


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