City scape 2 (drawing 63 )

2014-10-08cSONY DSC

So this is a watercolour-attempt at descrbing a cityscape. The base drawing is made with ink. I find that i have a really hard time with the perspective, especially with ink. Normally, when i draw with a pencil, I make a lot of helping-lines to better plan and understand the scene, but with ink, these lines turn out visible. The first of the two drawings went all wrong perspective-wise – the second one is acceptable, although quite off aswell. The difference between the two, is, ironicaly that i was trying to be precise in the first one, and that in the second one i was more in a “sketching” mode. I actually drew up some approximative perspective lines in the second one, and i just drew a little more wildly (and really quick) on the rest of the detailing, and i think it turned out better that way. And you do not focus too hard on the base-lines..

I quite like it in watercolor. it adds some important info about materials and atmosphere, that can be hard to indicate withouht colour. It is rather chaotic aswell though.

I’ll be continuing down the same street and see where it leads me. Thanks for reading, and please do comment!

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  1. I appreciate that you are sharing your struggles. I don’t handle perspective well, but I like the freedom to emphasize my own favorite parts of the scene without being too restricted to the realistic version that tends to hide the great aspects that drew my eye. The various versions you show all have different emphasis… and are all good depending on what your intentions were.

  2. I love your pen sketches, as an architecture student I find that quick sketching and capturing the essence of a scene is done best in pen, and watercolours too. Whereas pencil drawings are best for detail and when you have plenty of time. Never stop hand drawing, i get told this by architects all the time!


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