Chain and iron


The photo in the left, i found on the blog “Picture Day” – I really loved the photo, which is called “red” – i don’t know what to call my version – There are tons of beautiful photos on this blog, and i will definetly be coming back for other material.

My drawing took a lot of time – much more than you’d think from looking at it. I must have stared myself blind, for there’s something going on with the proportions which is just not right. The texture on the cast iron has a lot of little dots, that i have failed to reproduce. Maybe if i try toning with circle-movement rather than crosshatching? I’ll try that next time. I think that the contrasts are getting better in this one – although there still being a long way to go.

Other than that, i’ve been thinking today – about my goals with this project. “One drawing daily” – What’s it all about? The truth is that i haven’t decided yet. My main goal is just loosely to be a better drawer, but could i be more specific?

What could be my goal in 365 days? 2 years?

I was thinking setting out to do something bold: “Make an art exposition after two years and 730-ish drawings; !” But would that be possible? Would it be interesting to see? And how would i get there? When i finally draw well, how do i get to the next step where i can finally qualify my drawings as art? This is quite a discussion – the good old “how do you define art”.. But it is something i would have to concider at some point.

Since i’ve started drawing one drawing daily, i have got a little following, and i have discovered a lot of nice resources and helpful, experienced people. So i ask: If anybody is reading this – what do you think should be my long term goal? Could it be something like a small exposition in two years? Would it take more? How should i go about it?… I hope to hear some suggestions on this matter!

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