Drawing of three bananas in ballpoint pen

Here’s some bananas I drew yesterday evening upon arriving for my night-shift. I didn’t eat them, though. They were a little too ripe for my taste.. I’m a bit childish that way.. But I think the drawing turned out well. I’m really fed-up with that night shift.. Maybe I should become a professional banana artist. … Read more

Still life of three tomatoes and an eggplant. Drawing in ballpoint pen

I couldn’t decide what to draw today, so I went and had a look in the kitchen. This was some of the things I saw. Three tomatoes and an eggplant. The plate turned out weirdly flat though. I once had a delicious Syrian (or maybe from Lebanon?) Dish based on eggplants (or aubergines) called baba … Read more

401 Drawing of my shoe while waiting for the train. Done with ballpoint pen.

I had forgot my new favorite ballpoint pen, so I went and bought another one when I arrived too early for my train a few hours ago. Its line is slightly thicker than the other one I’ve got, and it’s supposed to be waterproof. I’ll test that later on. It glides so smoothly over the … Read more