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Sketch of a moka pot

Three months have passed since my last “daily” drawing! This one is a little sloppy when it comes to proportion and composition, but at least  it’s a sketch 😉 I just wanted to make… Continue reading

Self-portrait day today?

As you may know, I graduated a week ago, and since then I’ve had a lot more time on my hands than I’m used to – which also means more time for drawing!… Continue reading

Sketchy self-portrait

It’s been thousands upon thousands of years since I last did a self-portrait. I thought that it was due time than I cram one in there between all the cats. So here’s me… Continue reading

A close-up drawing of my thumb! Ballpoint pen

Hi! Here’s a drawing from my night shift Friday! It is of my thumb. Not to worry, it is much smaller in reality. I wrote a blog entry a while back about hands.… Continue reading

A long day and three mediocre drawings

Hi! Yesterday was my night shift day, and the morning after, we had stuff to do, so now after having slept early in the evening, I’m up late at night! What a mess!… Continue reading

Drawing of a “Talkman” electronic gadget in ballpoint pen

Yesterday was my nightshift at the warehouse.. There were no fruit to draw yesterday, so I just went with this thing. It’s called a “talkman”. I attatch it to my belt, plug in… Continue reading

Drawings and sketches done in Rome

Hi everyone! – I’m back from my trip to Rome. I thought that there would be Internet in the appartment, but it never got working in the week that I was there. I… Continue reading

Quick hand sketch from yesterday

Hi everyone. This was all I drew yesterday. Busy day! Quick sketch of my hand

Still life drawing of a banana and an apple

Yesterday was Friday. The day for my night shift at the warehouse. And this is yet another drawing of fruit that i did while killing time. I haven’t got a lot to say… Continue reading

Hand in ballpoint pen

Hi everyone! This is a rough sketch of my hand that I did yesterday evening while I was waiting to start my night shift. I’ve drawn a lot of hands before. Mostly in… Continue reading