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MultipleMichael Bonaparte, tired after battle.

MultipleMichael has been busy with his chemical poetry warfare. See for yourself. Now it’s time to relax – tomorrow – the battle carries on. 764

260 Portrait of Goya

After a Goya self-portrait that can be seen here

248 Portrait after Goya

What did i do to the poor guy.. See the original here

171 – Double portrait after Goya

It’s a monk talking to an old woman.. You can’t help but think about the subject. See the orginal here

170 Portrait after Carlos Schwabe

See the original here

168 Portrait after Caravaggio – Goliath (decapitated!)

Original here Caravaggio – A man who enjoyed his decapitations.

166 Portrait after Renoir

Original here Feeling lazy – But I’ll see if i can’t muster at least one more today! – And a little better too !

154 Portrait after multiplemichael

See the original here

147 Yet another portrait after Rembrandt

I’m not getting tired of Rembrandt’s portraits anytime soon. Here’s another one. Yesterday I was on my Friday nightshift and I’m so tired.. So I will not promise you anything further for today..… Continue reading

130-131 Two lightning quick Renoir studies

Originals here and here Maybe these are in fact too quickly done. I could imagine that it’d be a good excersice to often do these turbo-sketches in order to get better at capturing… Continue reading