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410 Portrait of Ted Cruz in watercolors

This is Ted Cruz – a newly announced candidate for the US 2016 elections – he’s republican and apparently “tea party” republican. He likely eats innocent kittens for breakfast and gives his grandchildren… Continue reading

145 Portrait of John Dramani Mahama, the president of Ghana

See the article of reference here and the original photo here The president underlines the importance of not only focusing on material facts concerning the spread of ebola. Instead of focusing on the… Continue reading

141 Portrait of Mitch McConnell

Congratulation on electing your new ruler, americans. May he be feared by his enemies and loved by his people May he live long and prosper And may his hand grow back to reasonable… Continue reading

140 Portrait of a worrisome Barack Obama

See the original here A strange expression isn’t it?… Perhaps this press photographer just caugt Obama in the end of a yawn. Or did he actually frown like that? Amarican elections get almost… Continue reading

137 – Little girl in the ruins of her house – after photo by Anne Paq

See the original here and the rest of the (selected?) photos here

128 Portrait of Lars Løkke Rasmussen

This is a Danish ex-premiere minister. Maybe the future minister aswell – he’ll be remembered for.. nothing much.. unless he gets Denmark involved in another war.. Now that would be something worth remembering..… Continue reading

125 Portrait of Segelone Royal (French minister)

This is Segelone Royal – French minister of ecology (?) explaining that the French government has no idea who is sending drone-airplanes to fly over French nuclear-plants. Who might it be? Is for… Continue reading

124 Pro-Russian Ukraineans voting

This one is not completely finished, but I’ll leave it like that. We’re going out to catch a few of the rare sunbeams. You have to be quick to if you want that… Continue reading

121 Peter Piot – the scientist who discovered ebola

This is not strictly news – but it’s a picture that i stumbled upon in the newspaper, and I wanted to draw it. I need to work on simplified faces seen from afar.… Continue reading

119 Picture from the news (Mahmoud Abbas)

memadtwo suggested that I try drawing from photos from the newspapers. Actually I have thought about that for some time now- Maybe I’ll start doing a daily series of illustration of news. We’ll… Continue reading