Lounging cat sketch

thomas-dalsgaard-clausen-2015-11-19a sketch of a lounging cat

This is a cat named Niko requested by @vickisarris on twitter

Don’t forget that you can request a free sketch of your pet if you want!

I’ve been neglecting this blog for a long time. I call it One drawing daily, but sometimes it’s been one drawing every four days or something like that. The reason is that I’ve been really busy with my studies. The good news is that I just presented my thesis-project today, and that I passed the thing! That means that I now go from being a stressed out student to being a lazy couch-potato! I’ve really been looking forward to this, and I plan on making it an occasion to get back to being more regular with this blog, experimenting a little more with my drawings, and having fun! I also hope to be able to scale up the whole pet-portraits on commission deal, all the while having time to also make drawings not of cats and dogs. (Oh, and then I ought to go look for a job too, I suppose?)

Thanks to everyone who’s still sticking around after months of inactivity on this site as well as all of those “bulk” posts. I’m going to try and make more of an effort out of it now!

This was my 736’th drawing since September 2014!

11 tired sketches and drawings!

Drawing of a silly dog

Sketch of a dog in pen

A quick sketch of a happy dog!

Sketch of a room

This is a pencil perspective that I’m using as a means of visualization on a project I am making in architecture school.

sketch of a roof garden view

This is the same deal. View from a roof garden.

Drawing of a cat in pen

And here’s a cat sketch. I’ve been really busy lately, so I might have skipped  a few days in between some of these

Sketch of a cat in pen

Another cat in pen. Playing  a little with the background

Sketch of a dog

This is the third out of three dog sketches. It didn’t go really well as you can see – it took me three attempts to make something I eventually was happy with!

Drawing of a dog in pen

Second attempt – a little rough.

Drawing of a silly dog

And here’s the third one. I think that the sillyness of this pose helped bring out  something positive in the sketch as opposed to the two others!

Drawing of a dog in pen

Another one that I’m not too happy with – Very soon, I’ll be having more time on my hands to actually draw something that’s not rushed every day !

Drawing of a cat in pen

A cat!

Commissioned drawing of a boxer dog called Henry

And finally – here’s a commissioned portrait of Henry the boxer, that i just finished. I hope you like it! If you’re interested in seeing more of my custom pet portraits –  please head over to my other site, tclausen.net ! – I’ll post that last one over there shortly.

These were my 725-735th drawings since the 9th September 2014 !

Five drawings – After a few slow days

Drawing of a dog in pen

Drawing of a dog in penA quick dog sketch that I actually think turned out quite ok.

Drawing of a dog in penThis one went  a little bezerk, but I still think it has some of the atmosphere of the reference photo

Drawing of a dog in penI’m not really happy about this one – bad spacing on the page, and the wild sketchyness made for a bad drawing rather than giving it that “feel”.. There’s always tomorrow!

Drawing of a dog in penI’m more happy about this one !

Commissioned drawing of two cats in watercolor and penAnd then the last one – a commission drawing of two cats!

These were my 720th-724th drawings since the 9th September 2014

Three drawings from the last couple of days

Drawing of a cat in pen

Drawing of a cat in penThis is a sketch I did for someone called Taryn – I like how it turned out with the eyes, and I threw in that black outline that I’ve done a few times recently. I can’t decide if it’s good or bad though – I suppose it depends weather the drawing aim to be realist or not.

Drawing of a cat in penHere’s one that probably lacked a little effort. I think i finished it too quickly, and I didn’t put enough effort into measuring out the sheet of paper beforehand.

Painting of a tabby cat in watercolor and penAnd lastly – this is a portrait that I just finished for the winner of my recent pet portrait giveaway

The cat in the picture is called Cuzz-Wuzz, and her “mom” is a cat-blogger over at DashKitten.com

You can read more about this cat portrait at my pet-portrait site tclausen.net


Two sketches and a commission drawing

Drawing of a cat in pen

Drawing of a cat in penSketch of a cat in penCommissioned drawing of a cat in penHi everyone. I’m checking in with three new cat-portraits. Two are sketches and one is a commissioned cat portrait in pen that  is slightly overdue. I hope that the owner will like it!

I haven’t got a lot of inquiries for my commissions lately, but I do have two portraits on my to-do list that I hope to be able to work on during next week. If you know a catlady, catman or maybe a doglover and you don’t know what to get them for Christmas (f you celebrate that sort of thing) – then do consider getting them a pet-portrait! Read more about that on my pet-portrait-portfolio-page, http://tclausen.net


An update of 9 Sketches

Drawing of a cat in pen

Sketch of a cat beneath blanket in penThis cat is called Dawn. Dawn can be found over at the blog called “Life with dog and cats”. When Dawn’s owner saw the sketch I did, she published a blog post about it, that you should go see here: Cat Art: Portrait of a Cat Called Dawn, by Thomas Clausen

Sketch of a piece of cakePiece of cake!

Sketch of a cat called Zee in penHere’s a cat called Zee who can be found at the blog “The Chronicles of Zee and Zoey”

Sketch of a dog in penA dog requested by a facebook user!

Sketch of a cat in penThis is a cat for a Twitter user.

Sketch of a dog in pencilThis is a pencil sketch I did of a hunting dog called Thunder who lives over at “Two Brown Dawgs” – The left eye is perhaps a little off, but that’s how it go when you draw too quickly. I do enjoy to sketch in pencil though!

Drawing of a cat in penThis is a cat called Cody! I did one of Cody 6 months ago, but without too much success, so I promised Cody’s owner (from the blog “Cat Chat with Caren and Cody”) that I would do another one – so here it is – six months overdue! But better than the last one.

Sketch of a cat in penAnd this is one I did for the editor of “Old Tat Mag” – A British fashion magazine who’s got a feature out about cats! I’m too late to get in their printed version, but I think there’ll be a blog-post about my cat art endeavor! one of these days.

Drawing of a cat in penAnd for the last one..  Well this one is slightly out of the chronology, but I didn’t write a date on it, so I’m not quite sure where it fits in. I’m working on a commission for someone, but I’m tossing this one. It didn’t turn out good enough for me to ask money for it, so I’ll give it another go with another photo.

That’s all for now!

704th-712th sketches since the 9th September 2014

6 mediocre drawings – will make more of an effort next time :)

Drawing of a cat in charcoal

Drawing of a cat in charcoalDrawing of a cat in ballpoint penSketch of a dog in ballpoint penSketch of a dog in ballpoint penSketch of a dog in ballpoint penSketch of a cat in ballpoint pen

Sometimes you just don’t feel it. I’m pretty unsatisfied with the three dog drawings above. It’s a result of being a bit too sleepy and or careless while drawing – which reflects in the end result. The cat in charcoal was an attempt for a commission drawing. I haven’t done a lot of charcoal before, but when someone requested a charcoal portrait of her cat as a commission, I went with it. I think that I’ll start over with a drawing in ballpoint pen, since these work a little better for me 😉

I don’t have a lot to add – but I hope that I can post something that I’m a little more proud of next time!


Two drawings of dogs

Drawing of a dog in ballpoint pen

Drawing of a dog in ballpoint penA commissioned drawing of a dog in watercolor and ballpoint pen

These two are drawings are what I’ve managed to produce since my last post! The first one if another one of my free pet sketches whereas the latter is a new commissioned drawing that I worked quite intensely on yesterday to get it ready to ship as soon as possible. The original photo had the dog wearing a bright red.. Dog jacket? (I’m not 100% on the terminology here) – that I decided not to include in the portrait. It also has the dog posing on the beach. I opted for a plain blue background to keep the focus on the dog. I hope you all like it!

You can see this drawing on my portfolio site here: Pet portrait commission of Baci the dog