Cat-drawing from facebook request

Drawing of a cat in india ink and ballpoint penBack to drawing requests!
This is a request I got from someone who has shared my facebook pet-drawing offer! Nothing has happened for a little while now because I’ve been traveling, but the offer still stands!
Now I’d better go study a little!

That was number 485

11 thoughts on “Cat-drawing from facebook request”

  1. That’s MY cat. Her name is “Pilchard”. I realized, much later in the day, that I should have given you her name. But then I forgot to go back and give that to you. I’m sorry.
    I blog, occasionally, at a site called House Panthers, which is all about black cats, which is where the ‘panther’ come in. She’s a long-haired black cat. I wondered how you would do a black cat which is why I sent the photo. The drawing is wonderful.
    She is a rescue. The woman who rescued her saw her and her sibling in a rabbit cage at a pet store. They wanted $30 each. She knew black cats are the least likely to be adopted so she rearranged her budget to get both of them. When she went back, only Pilchard was left.
    When the last of my other cats went over the Rainbow Bridge, Val was going to be moving and needed a home for Pilchard and the other cat Val found as a 4 week old kitten in the bushes outside her apartment complex. I wasn’t sure I wanted cats. It might be nice, after 25 years, not to have cats. That lasted 2 weeks. My house felt devoid of life. I called Val and picked the two of them up a week later. That was 6 years ago.
    The other cat’s name is “Mija”. Pilchard is named for the PBS cartoon, “Bob the Builder”‘s cat. A ‘pilchard’ is another name for sardine and “Bob” was originally created by the BBC. Leave it to the British to name a cat after a fish. This is an amazing drawing. Pilchard was sitting in a box, resting her head on the edge. Now i should send in Mija’s face.
    It’s a crappy day in Chicagoland. We’ve had nothing but rain and gray skies for days now. I need the rain to stop so I can mow my lawn. You’ve made the sun come out. Thank you.


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