Capturing the essentials of a city-scape ( 62 )

2014-10-08b SONY DSC

I want to experiment with finding a good way of reproducing the “essensials” of an urban landscape. – It would like it to be clear, and quick – but there’s a long way to go.
Here’s an attempt with a pencil. It’s a little muddy, but it gives the general idea of the space. I might try with some other materials – a pen for example, and then see what i get out of it.
I want to use these drawings to do “serial visions” – a concept “invented” by the architect Gordon Cullen as a tool to describe a city – you take a walk in the city, and each time a radical change occur, you “record it” (photos work as well, but there”ll be a lot of “pollution” on the photo – things that are not essensial for understanding the space).

Suggestions would be appreciated

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