Brambles – after photo by Nexus (53)


I found this photo on nexi’s blog and thought, I’d try my hand on it.. Maybe i could have continued longer, and gotten the contrasts a little better down, but even with a 6b which is the softest pencil i have, it doesn’t get nearly as dark as i would want it to. Maybe at some point i’ll go look for come “conte crayons” or graphite pencils.. or charchoal to mix into my darker drawings, but for now, I’m trying to get by with the materials that i have.

They seem really delicious! – We gathered  portion of our own a few weeks back – they weren’t really sweet, but i had a fantastic milshake made from them, with a little sugar added.

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  1. Oh. Okay, I didn’t know you were sticking to the supplies you have so my talk of charcoal is lost for now. Mixed media to the rescue- use the pens you used from the lobster sketch, or your paints to get more contrast. Unless you are thinking that classical drawing didn’t involve this. But this is where I tell you that Courbet(1819-1877) put dirt in his oil paintings.


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