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  1. You are getting somewhere. Those are great. Have you no art education? The way you write, it sounds like you don’t but you already knew how to draw basically. Seriously, if this is your first start it’s very impressive. Out of pure curiosity, what do you do? No detailed answer is required at all. I just am wondering, is this guy a business man (can’t be), a college student (possible) or into some kind of career that has creative elements? Really, not trying to ask something super personal just general. Here, I’ll tell you what I do: I have a degree in art, was very active with exhibitions, etc in college, then basically took a 10 yr sabbatical from the professional side to raise two babies. It is just in the past year and a half that I am getting back into the professional side. So I’m an artist and mom. Anyway, you are doing nicely and whatever your profession is, with some training you could easily become apart of the art world.

  2. I must admit, that i am no complete beginner – but almost. I have had some courses / workshops a few days at a time in architecture school, but nothing very substantial.. Two years ago i wanted to take up drawing, and did quite a lot for a couple of months, but then i sort of just stopped – which was quite a dissapointment. I think that this forum is a great motivater, though, and I’m very decided that now i want to take it somewhere.

    I guess i sort of answered your question too – I’m studying in an architecture school – now on my last year. Drawing is encouraged, but it’s always been a domain where i have felt handicapped. I’d like to take my drawing beyond architecture at some point.. In fact i have some quite bold goals in mind – we’ll see about that 😉

    Thanks for your comment!


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