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  1. Muscles and arm are very good. Hand is wrong. Hands take TIME and PATIENTS!!!! Which book did you get btw? . I have Grey’s Anatomy. I have an interest in medicine and biology though so this made sense for me. Again, your progress is phenomenal. Any thoughts about that art degree I suggested, lol? Being a starving artist can be fun….
    Keep up the good work

    • Yeah, I realize that the hand is a bit odd. I usually “search” out the line with a 2h.. this is actually 4h, but it turned out quite dark anyway. – Then when i find something that looks right, I use a softer pencil – this time I was really in a hurry sooo.. Yeah, excuses, you’re quite right, the hand looks off!
      I got a book by a Hungarian called Andreas Szunyoghy – translated to danish.. It was really cheap, so i just went for it. It’s got a lot of nice drawings to “copy” from – but i’m still not quite sure what my approach is going to be in learning from this book.. Maybe it would be better to only use his drawings for inspiration and draw “real” arms and hands instead.. Using his drawings as a tool to figure out the anatomy.. I suppose that I’ll try some different things.
      I’d actually really like to get further into art, but I’m not quite sure about taking the degree – I already spent a lot of time in school.. I’m not sure about learning by myself either though.. Maybe I could learn a lot of techniques on my own, but art is so much more than that. I think that a great part of being an artist is thinking about art and discussing art, and in that regard, art school gives you some intellectual input that might not be as evident when you’re on your own.. I’m not sure if I’m making sense ?.. I have some faint idea that perhaps my blog could be a basis for discussing art and projects.. But maybe I’m being too optimistic about this kind of medium..

      • No, your not being too optimistic. The very reason I opened a blog is for that discussion and also to get seen.
        About “being an artist” – There is an idea that you are either born an artist or not. For years, I completely disagreed with this until I realized that being an artist has as much to do with personality as with talent. No one learns to be an artist. They learn technique. However, just because someone knows how to draw doesn’t make them an artist. Make sense? The reason I have asked you about it is that I can see over time how much you LOVE it. And I ask myself, is this guy an artist? He has a blog that says he is just “learning to draw bad drawings” yet, he has learned exceptionally fast and he seems to have a passion. He’s dedicated. Is this person awakening to art? And if so, as an artist myself it’s practically my duty to encourage him.
        The pay is horrible. Don’t quit your day job. But, the experience of making art is enlightening. It’s almost spiritual in nature- how you feel when you really are creating something.
        Don’t worry about copying things at all. All great artists copy and steal anyway.
        Look at Caravaggio. You will love his work.

        • Yes it definetly makes sense. I hope that i’ll be able to move on from the craft and begin articulating myself as an artist. You could of course argue that i’m already doing it, but that’s where the picasso quote comes into the picture about “learning the rules like a pro to break them like an artist.” I’m looking forward to begin breaking the rules! It’s hard to say what can be learnt and what can’t. I think that if an “artistic mindset” can be developed, it’s something that start early.. but who knows.. it’s true that i really love to create, and maybe that’s what it all comes down to.. thanks for reminding me about caravaggio. I remeber him being mentioned in a lecture about baroque architecture. The lecturer showed us the picture of the guy putting his finger into the wound in jesus’ belly really cool picture!

          • Lol! I forgot about that painting! Caravaggio’s use of light is …well, the best. Not all artist have a degree- not by a long shot. There’s also a long history for Art Brut which is art done by self taught artists. Typically though the hallmark of these works are the many technical errors but people have fallen in love with them bc they show so much passion. The naive technique and passionate execution of the works really makes them. The first famous artist (I think) called this was Rousseau.
            Here;s a link
            Must get back to work! Today I am making good progress. I framed a piece, started and finished a small painting and I believe I have the energy to do another 🙂

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