Another day, another crappy drawing – this time with added crappy aquarel

2014-09-15a org SONY DSC
Putting these two up side by side really makes you see some stuff.. The perspective is off, the shadows are bad and.. yeah..
As for the aquarel, this is a skill i’d really like to master at some point – but at my level, it’s much to ask.
This photo i didn’t take myself. It is from “Can Lis” – the personal house of the architect Jørn Utzon on Mallorca. I’m studying this house these days in relation with my studies – the rest of my class probably just arrived in Mallorca as i write this. As for me, i’m sitting here in Denmark looking at pictures of the house. Life isn’t fair – but i’ll go some other time.

Other than perspectives, i’m drawing some 2d-drawings too – sections – but i’m not sure if i’ll post them here. We’ll see.

I’ll be back tomorrow – hopefuly with a slightly better drawing – and maybe i’ll put some aquarel on that one aswell.

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