Another aquarel and finished fruit-drawing


You wouldn’t believe it, but I’m in a hurry! So i’ll just quick say that this is yet another aquaral after an original by Maxine Dodd (on the right) – the paper didn’t take wery well this time, and i thing it was because i had removed some pencil with an eraser.. It’s not good paper for watercolour in any case..

And then i just finished this drawing that I’ve done after a photo i found on the Time Nexus blog. They even reblogged my last post, so I’ve recieved a lot of page-views today! Thanks for that! And thanks again for letting me use the photo as a reference. I’m definetly coming back. (Why did i make the apple so small???)

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  1. Love your pencil drawing and very flattered by the watercolour! You’re quite right about the rubbing out – the surface of the paper is disturbed and the watercolour shows it up immediately. It might be the paper but also the eraser. Try a putty rubber and knead it well before using or if you have some soft white bread about the house, make a small doughy ball and use that. It works amazingly well and doesn’t break the surface of the paper so much. I believe it’s what the Old Masters used – so definitely worth trying! 🙂

  2. thanks for the like on my painting.
    I might understand how the apple got so small, see if this helps.
    I have a hunch you may have been focusing on the top leaves, and not really taken in how large the apple is. If you were working on paper the size of the finished picture, then you didn’t have enough space to put in the whole apple and still fit in the lower leaves, so you automatically compensated by reducing the apple’s size. I’d suggest taking a piece of tracing paper and drawing one continuous line along the outside of the lighted leaf, the right curve of the apple and the right side of the lower leaf. It will show you how tricky that negative shape is.
    By the way, you’ve seen the other negative spaces really well. Nice work,

    • Thanks for your comment. I once got the suggestion to try and draw the shape of the negative space rather than the figure in front of me – to better understand the form, and i find that it helps me a lot to get out thinking in terms of “objects” (leaf, apple, branch) and moving on to seeing the pure shapes and tones. I think that you are quite right that i started from one side and then ran out of space… It wasn’t concious, though that the apple got so small.. I’m soon going to draw something like this again!

      • Oh yes, I think doing a similar subject will help you keep improving. Great that you are dedicated to mastering the art of drawing. You already have ability and by practising it will get better and better.I admire your dedication.


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