About me

My name is Thomas, and i thought that it might be a good time to finally sit down and write this “About me” page.

I started drawing every day the 9th September 2014 – I have long admired people who master the art of drawing, and I’ve made efforts time and again to finally learn it – but i never got to a point where i was confident or satisfied with my skills, and in my frustration, I just stopped – and the little i had learned got stale.

But now I’ve created this blog! It’s called OneDrawingDaily, because I have challenged myself to do one drawing daily (duh) – my idea is, that even on lousy, lazy, hard, stressed or hopeless days, i would do a drawing – even if it be a stick-figure – the continuity would be my motivator – but as it turns out, posting my drawings online has been an even bigger motivator, and i have rarely just posted one drawing in a day.

So one drawing each day until… ?
I haven’t told you what i do – I’m an architecture student. Architecture is a creative field. It has it’s rational sides, and then it has a great deal of artistic, aestetic and filosofic aspects. I do well in most of these areas, but when it comes to getting the idea down on paper  (which is much much much better than the computer) – I’m unable.
In one year – if everything goes according to my plan – I’ll be an architect – so my initial idea was – draw every day for 365 days – and then.. Well..

But why stop there?
I love drawing, painting getting my hands messy and experimenting with stuff – and it goes without saying that i love creating. I’d like to make art a part of my everyday life – and i want to put down a goal that is bold. Are you ready? Here it comes:

I want to expose my art after having drawn daily for two years.

The 9th September 2016, the doors will open to my art exposition – I don’t know where it’ll be (but i hope to travel to get there) and i certaintly don’t know what to expose.. First I have to learn the craft, then the art – and then who knows!

So I’m very excited about hearing peoples suggestions and comments!

Update the 8th October 2015: I’ve been drawing almost every day for over a year now, and have now started doing commission drawings in pen and watercolor. I invite everyone to come see my new site where I offer custom pet portraits – go have a look – even if you’re not in a marked for a drawing of your cat or dog !