“Abel the world dictator” ( Drawing 49 )

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I saw this yesterday in the square before the big cathedral on my way to school, and i wanted to share it with someone – but just posting a photo on my blog is against the principles of my blog, so here’s a drawing of it (this door is so hard to get right..)

So what is it? It would seem that somebody just made a clay buste and podium and installed it in front of the church – is it part of some urban art expo, or is it somebody just making a point? I don’t know, but i really enjoy discovering these kind of things on my way to school.. Århus (the city in question) has multiple art schools, and probably a bunck of professional artists too..

It’s made out of simple materials.. Clay and mdf boards.. And the title is added with a tusch-pen.. Today it’s friday, and I’m guession that it will be destroyed by a drunken adolecent before monday arives (we’re very proud of our liberty of thought here in Denmark….)

I don’t know if i am the only one to read something political into this.. but it sure has some possible references.. I’m not saying anymore.

(Hoping that the artist will at some point make a google search for the name of his work, and find his way back to this blog – if you’re reading, then thank you for making my way to school more interresting!)

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