A sleepy cat called Bailey in ballpoint pen

Drawing of a sleeping cat called Bailey in ballpoint penThis is today’s facebook request! The cat in question is called Bailey. Bailey appears to be sleeping in every photo that exists of her! You can see the original photo here:
Bailey the cat

As you can see in the photo, this cat is so relaxed that it’s facial features seem to have gone away! It’s almost plan fur, and the nose, eyes, ears, etc are not very clearly defined in the photo. It is as if they have been transformed to a sleeping fur-covered hill on a blanket. Do you know what i mean? Anyway, I thought that this would be pretty hard to draw.. If you can’t well see these things in the photo, it should be much harder to make the drawing read clearly, but I do in fact think that it turned out all right. I hope the owner thinks so too!

Other than putting this up on facebook I’m thinking of trying to see if I can get something similar going on twitter. – The same rules apply: Follow One Drawing Daily on Twitter and tweet me a photo of your pet giraffe (or other pet) and I’ll put it in my daily facebook and twitter drawing draw. I’ve had a profile on facebook for years, but twitter is in fact rather new to me, so I’m trying to figure out how it works! Anyhow – If you’re on twitter (or facebook!) feel free to jump over there and like/follow my page.

This one was my 501’th drawing. On my way to 1000!


10 thoughts on “A sleepy cat called Bailey in ballpoint pen”

  1. I think you pulled off that difficult drawing of Bailey – from the photo – which is somewhat blurry – you can tell Bailey is a very floofy cat and you got that softness down quite nicely!


    • Thanks a lot πŸ™‚ sometimes I wonder if I should refuse some of the request and opt for the best photos, but then can actually prove a nice challenge also. I think I’m pretty happy with this one

    • Thanks a lot! Yeah It’s just one of those things that people’s been talking about for years without me doing anything about it. It seems exciting! Thanks for following me over there!


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