A sheltie dog called Eva. And she’s smiling. Drawing in ballpoint pen

Sketch of a Sheltie dog called EvaHere’s my daily drawing. Today I drew a Sheltie dog called Eva from the blog “Sheltie Beauties” – It’s been in my queue for a long time, but I finally got to it today.
You might think that I picked a rather strange photo to work from, and that might be so, but I actually really like these “odd” poses. In the same time I think it has the oppourtunity of teaching me something about dog anatomy that I would otherwise not be exposed to.. Or perhaps I just thought it looked funny and went with it. Who knows? πŸ˜‰
The photo is a kind of “action shot” – the dog is in movement, and that makes for a very dynamic pose. Alternatively, the dog could be smiling sarcastically at a low-effort joke, but I don’t know if Shelties get jokes.

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This was my 489th drawing since September 2014


16 thoughts on “A sheltie dog called Eva. And she’s smiling. Drawing in ballpoint pen”

  1. Awww!!! It’s simply beautiful and a perfect portrait of our princess Eva! You’ve capturing her silly smile and her naughty spirits! We LOVE it!!! Thank you so much, your drawing is fantastic!!!

  2. I bet you didn’t know that Eva is my girlfriend!!!! She has been my girlfriend for the past few years! Mom saw your sketch this morning on Facebook (cause she is friends with Eva’s Mom) and she LOVES IT!!! You really have a knack for capturing the essence of Shelties! Love the “clean” background….some of the kitty ones have had too much going on in the background (heavy dark lines)….and this is nice and clean! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

    • Oh i didn’t know that! Yes i agree that it’s often too much in the background. Sometimes i just want to do a little, but it always ends up being too much. Simplicity is the key i suppose

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