A rabbit called Speedy. Drawing in ballpoint pen

Drawing of a rabbit called speedy in ballpoint penHere’s a drawing of a rabbit – but not any rabbit. This is Speedy the cheeky house bunny whom I was requested to draw.
Don’t hesitate to send me requests – but please be aware that I have a queue of 16 (!) pets do draw (mostly cats!) – I can do one or two per day. I haven’t forgot anyone (I think?)

Speedy above looks like he’s just being disturbed in something important. Perhaps carrot consumption or the redecorating of his cardboard castle. He does look like he’s a good listener, though.

This drawing almost drew itself! I’m astounded how few lines you need to draw to make a bunny. Looking at it afterwards, i kept looking for places where I could do a lttle more, but sometimes you just need to stop before you destroy the drawing. I suppose that this one is in line with the sketch I made of Dakota the sheepdog the other day.

Anyway, this was my 448th drawing. See you for the next one.

41 thoughts on “A rabbit called Speedy. Drawing in ballpoint pen”

  1. Brilliant bunny drawing Thomas…… you’re right – it didn’t take a lot of lines to get Speedy on paper but I can really “see” his personality shining through – his little face is perfect!


    Hee iss one of mee bestest furendss Mistur Thomas an you captured his regal nature purrfectlee!!!
    mee saw yur sketch at Speedy’ss butt furgot to stop here an vizit…mee apawlogizess…
    Keep on sketchin; yur pawsum!!!!!
    Yurss, Purrince Siddhartha an LadyMum πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


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