A place of history


I kept thinking about this place yesterday – It’s a photo from Rouen in France – I visited this beautiful “middle-age’ish” city a couple of years back, when i was living in France as an exchange student. The photo if taken inside an old guard-tower of the city – this is the place where Jeanne D’arc was tortured before she was burnt alive on the public square in Rouen in 1431, and the atmosphere of the place has stayed with me since that day. I haven’t got a bleeding heart for French history, and i know that even today, much more innocent people get tortured and killed – every day – but i can’t help but be somewhat moved by this.

I’m really happy with my drawing this time – there’s a couple of things that are not 100% I got a comment on another drawing today from gplasari who pointed out that i need to focus on the tones in my drawings. Light and shadow is one thing, but color variation in the individual surfaces also play a role, and i somehow have to “convert” the color into a shade of gray while at the same time stay focused on light and darkness. This is not news to my, but it’s just difficult to be aware of it all silmultaniously. I’ll try to focus on my toning in the future!

Another thing is the color of the mortar between the granite stones in the walls – the color is quite dark in the top of the photo, and light in the buttom – in my drawing they’re all white, and i did this because i were afraid that the wall would just seem all black, if i toned in the dark lines in the top..

Ok, that’s all for now – i HOPE to be able to do another drawing today, but i do not know if i will have the time. I do feel like continuing, though.. If not, i’l check back in tomorrow – maybe it’ll be a drawing of an elephant or maybe a much needed new self-portrait 😉

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