A little dog called Cleo drawn in ballpoint pen

Drawing of a little dog called Cleo in ballpoint penHi everyone! Today I picked this little dog called Cleo out from my list of daily drawing draw requests. Cute isn’t she?

I think it turned out okay.. These fluffy dogs are hard to draw though. When one line represents one “hair” you have to draw, draw and just keep drawing for a long time where the drawing looks like nothing, until suddenly the dark areas get dark enough, and a face appears.. Okay – I’m not going to write a novel – I’ve got so much to do! Have a nice Sunday everyone.



10 thoughts on “A little dog called Cleo drawn in ballpoint pen”

  1. That is perfect……doing the “hairy” part is time-consuming but you’re right – all of a sudden the face pops out and it’s DONE. This is truly a great drawing and I’m sure Cleo’s human will love it!



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