A drawing of two cats called Oliver and Calvin

Two cats called Oliver and Calvin sketched in ballpoint pen and india inkHi everyone.

These two cats are called Oliver and Calvin. Their owner entered into my “daily drawing facebook draw” (still looking for a good name for it) – and today I picked them out of the list randomly.

This is the first page in a new sketchbook – this time I’ve picked one with thinner paper and a lot of pages. The quality of the paper will not work with watercolor, but it seems to “almost” work with India ink. The pages do crumble up when wet, though, and I think that it could bleed through to the opposite page. I think that I’ll be drawing only on every other page in this sketch-book, and perhaps I will reserve the “backside” of each drawing for notes.. If i can come up with anything to write!

That was number 488


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  1. We know Oliver and Calvin but this is the first time we’ve SEEN them! The india ink worked but I’m sure you had a soggy piece of paper if it’s very thin…………..



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