A dog called Mocha. Sketch in ballpoint pen

A little dog called Mocha. Sketch in ballpoint penHere’s a request from my facebook drawing request!
It’s Mocha the dog. The page turned out too small to include the paws! Bummer.. In the photo you can’t see the dog’s eyes or much details in its face which renders it rather difficult to put character into the drawing. I hope the owner still recognizes her dog, though πŸ˜‰

I’m thinking of soon doing something in pencil. It’s been a long time. Each time I “get into” something new like the ballpoint pen, I tend to almost be carried away and then only do that for months. The same thing happened with my watercolors a while back, though I must admit that I have a little more success with my pen sketches.

I’ll see if I can do one more today!

That was number 493

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  1. This is really characterful. I love the texture in the coat too. I often had that “run out of space” problem with life drawing. I had many headless torsos because I liked to draw backs and bums first. πŸ™‚


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