A close-up drawing of my thumb! Ballpoint pen

Drawing of my thumb in ballpoint penHi!
Here’s a drawing from my night shift Friday! It is of my thumb. Not to worry, it is much smaller in reality.
I wrote a blog entry a while back about hands. If you don’t know what to draw, draw your hand. It’s always there with you, and it has a lot of potential as a drawing model. Now, if you’re growing tired of drawing your hands – draw your thumb! (We’ll call it a rule of thumb, funny, yes?)
If you’d like to read that other blog entry, please do head over there:
Some weird facts that I’ve noticed about hands

This was my 513th drawing


5 thoughts on “A close-up drawing of my thumb! Ballpoint pen”

  1. I used to sketch my hands when I had no other subject to draw……now if I did that, it would just be a reminder of how old I’ve become…..my hands have aged SO much! LOL



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