410 Portrait of Ted Cruz in watercolors

Portrait of Ted Cruz in watercolor

This is Ted Cruz – a newly announced candidate for the US 2016 elections – he’s republican and apparently “tea party” republican. He likely eats innocent kittens for breakfast and gives his grandchildren pink automatic rifles for Christmas. (sorry if i offend somebody on regards to their “freedom”).

Anyway – I just wanted to paint the guy. No particular reason.

He’s not part of my “Rulers of the World” series.. But maybe he will be.. Who knows, maybe he’ll invade my country?

I think the painting turned out pretty well.. The hand was a little difficult. Maybe because my initial pencil-drawing was extremely rough and didn’t look like much.

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And here’s the original

13 thoughts on “410 Portrait of Ted Cruz in watercolors”

  1. There are so many possible Republican candidates, and that field has to be winnowed down to one candidate who will run against the Democratic candidate (presumably, at this point, Hilary Clinton, but she’s got some baggage). Mainstream Republicans don’t particularly care for him either, so in my humble opinion I don’t think he does have a chance to even get the Republican nomination. I think a Jeb Bush or several others have a better shot. If he did get the nomination, I find it hard to imagine the country would elect him, and I hope I’m right. But US politics are so crazy, who knows? I am a naturalized US citizen (duel with the UK) and I sometimes think I need to get out of here, at least out of the totally insane state of Texas. But (sigh) it’s home now.


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