402 Drawing of Tibetan Gazelle with ballpoint pen and watercolor

Tibetan Gazelle drawn with ballpoint pen and watercolor
Here’s a drawing that I just did. A Tibetan Gazelle grazing. I wanted to try my new waterproof ballpoint pen with the watercolors – it turns out that it really is waterproof. It’s a little hard to control for the finer details though. I think it went a little too wild on this one, and it’s probably a pen I’d be better on just using for spontanous sketching. Maybe until I learn to use it a little better. The animal is supposed to be light and graceful, but it’s hard when the pen is very liberal with the ink.

A got the reference photo from an article about the Tibetan Gazelle where you can read more about the animal as well.

Have a nice day everyone.

4 thoughts on “402 Drawing of Tibetan Gazelle with ballpoint pen and watercolor”

  1. This is great. I really like how you mix the colors in the back- and foreground. I want to try that. It’s a way to hint at things rather than to literally include it. Same with the coloring on the gazelle. I like the dark outlines. Inspiring!


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