401 Drawing of my shoe while waiting for the train. Done with ballpoint pen.

Drawing of my shoe in ballpoint pen
I had forgot my new favorite ballpoint pen, so I went and bought another one when I arrived too early for my train a few hours ago. Its line is slightly thicker than the other one I’ve got, and it’s supposed to be waterproof. I’ll test that later on. It glides so smoothly over the paper. A real pleasure to draw with actually! And it’s easy to control the weight of the line only by the pressure of my hand.. It seems a little weird and almost like I’m reviewing it.. Maybe I am. It’s a “uni-ball eye micro” from “mitsubishi pencil co.,LTD” and it’s probably made for writing. Who cares.

Extra points to the one who can guess the make of my shoes. I forgot what they’re called, but i got them because they’re supposed to be tough.. I’m not sure I agree, though, I kill all shoes.

Anyway – this is me drawing in public. Looking down at my shoes and drawing them. I still don’t have the courage to draw the people next to me. Also, there weren’t any.

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4 thoughts on “401 Drawing of my shoe while waiting for the train. Done with ballpoint pen.”

  1. Always hard to draw the people who aren’t there. I like the shoe and I really like these pen drawings. I have clue what kind of shoe that is. But can you tell the name of your favorite pen?

    • It’s the magnificent Pilot G-TEC-C4.. But please don’t take my word for it – I haven’t really looked into what kind of pens real artists and illustrators use, so there might be some good advice online. The reason that I use ballpoint pens, is that the “felt tip” pens always wear down shortly after I start using them.. Especially when they’re thin.

  2. I’ve actually seen people hassled for drawing other people on the subway…which is why, the other day, I was drawing my daughter’s hand and then my own and not the other riders. They were not shy about looking at what I was doing though! (luckily no comments…)


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