390 Camel in ink and watercolor

Drawing of a camel in pen and watercolorSometimes you just draw a camel.
This is one of those times.
The ballpoint pen in growing on me!
Did you know that the arbic word for camel “jamal” has the same root as the word for “beautiful” Jamil? They’re closely related linguistically. Experts say that the arabs of old found this beast so beautiful that they just called it that.. “beautiful”.. They’ve even got their own style of camel-inspered poetry as far as I understand, and today in the gulf, beauty-contests for camels are carried out with prizes worth millions of dollars to the owner of the most beautiful camel..
I suppose they are sort of beautiful in an odd kind of way.

The reference photo is actually of a camel taking part of the camel beauty show!

11 thoughts on “390 Camel in ink and watercolor”

  1. Wow, this is amazing!!! Love the colors in it! Perfect camel, you got that really well!!! I think that every animal is beautiful in it´s own way. Camels have wonderful eyes with really long lashes, which is extremely beautiful I think…


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