389 Chipmunk in pen and watercolor after photo by Victor Rakmil

Chipmunk in pen and watercolor after photo by Victor RakmilBehold for this is a chipmunk. (Or is it a squirrel? What is the difference?)
Trying to do something different once in a while. This one was quick – The green grass turned out a little unnatural. Maybe i ought to have faded it more in the background. Any thoughts?

I have a couple of watercolor sketchbooks in the mail. A4 size this time. I’m going to start doing bigger daily drawings, and then I’ll probably use these smaller ones for quicker sketches. When I’ve filled this one (as well as the next one I have aldready bought in advance.) I’ll probably convert back to “notebooks” with thin paper so as to not worry too much about “wasting” precious watercolor paper when doing something quick. I admire you guys who are able to sketch in trains and public transport! I’ve sat in the train thinking about doing it, but I just can’t get around to it.. Maybe I should try buying those expensive coffees at the cafés and start doing quick sketches there for a start..

This furry thing i found on a photo blog “Rakmil Photography”  I’ll be sending him a link to see what he think of what happened to his chipmunk.

13 thoughts on “389 Chipmunk in pen and watercolor after photo by Victor Rakmil”

  1. I really like this chipmunk (squirrels generally have bigger tails and live in trees, chipmunks live in ground burrows), I love your loose drawing style. I think you did a good job on the grass too and kept all the detail in the foreground. Did you mix your greens or use them straight from pan/tube? Mixing them will tend to give you a softer colour, though the photo does have quite bright yellows and greens so I think it’s pretty fitting. My only other comment would be you could darken the darks on the chipmunk a bit more, those stripes really help identify them.

  2. It’s been a while since you shared any animal paintings. I’m glad you are getting back into that. I remember your primate pictures as being particularly strong.

    I had a weird de Ja vu thing scrolling down my Reader as I saw the photo first and then your drawing and wondered how both of you could have produced the same image. So thanks for stating that there was indeed a connection.

  3. I would have said “Squirrel.” But MilesNorth seems to know her stuff, so I bow to her superior knowledge. I like the discussion about coloring in her comments and yours. I want to get better at color.


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