384 Another drawing of my hand in pen and watercolor

Drawing of my hand in pen and watercolor

There has been a lot of hand drawings floating around on the reddit these last days, so I felt like drawing hands too. I did one yesterday, and then here’s another one. Don’t forget to join the rest of the people submitting their daily drawings to the reddit /r/onedrawingdaily – You don’t strictly have to draw every day – just share your work and have a look at the work of the other daily/semi-daily drawers.
It’s been ages since I’ve tried a fineliner / pen. I’ve just have notoriously bad results with the in the past, because I always do too much. This quick sketch turned out okay, though. There’s some confusion going on on the back of the hand but other than that..
Sometimes doing a quick 10-minute sketch just is so much more satisfying than the more ambitious things. Maybe the novelty of using an unfamiliar medium also has a say.

Check out some more hand drawings that I’ve done.

And by the way! It’s six months since I started drawing every day today!

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