378 Landscape in Greenland. Watercolor painting for the Virtual Paintout

2015-03-05aThis is my second landscape painting from Greenland – I didn’t actually go there, but rather I used Google Streetview as per the rules of “The Virtual Paintout” – each month a new location, everybody can participate.

Here’s the streetview location link:

This is smaller than my last one from Greenland. It’s especially hard to keep the edges straight and the buildings building-like when it’s this small. I think that I’ll do some bigger landscapes once in a while as well for comparison.
Tim Diggles gave me some advice on the last one concerning the foreground that should be more detailed. I must admit that I didn’t really keep that so much in mind on this one – I think it can be hard to think rationally and in a “planning” kind of way when doing something like this, but the foreground did get a little better. Next time I think that I’ll try to dot in the white flowers with masking fluid from the start, in order to get a stronger white.
Even though I don’t alway apply the advice I’m given 100% I’m still really really happy to receive it! I think it’s all part of a learning process. You may tell someone the same thing 10 times before it really starts to “get through”, but that doesn’t mean that the advice isn’t working. It’s just simmering in there until it’s ready to take effect.
So as I have said before – I’d like as much advice and suggestions as possible. You don’t even have to be nice about it!

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