375 Mountains, sea and hills in Greenland. Landscape in watercolor

2015-03-02bThis is a landscape from google streetview in Greenland!
What do you think? What could make it better?

It’s for the monthly “virtual paintout” over at http://virtualpaintout.blogspot.com – go participate!

Here is the direct link to the streetview view (although not exactly on a street) – turn just a little to the right, and you can see the ruins of an old norse church. I can’t help imagine that it was built by my ancestors sometime in the 11th century, but wikipedia says it might have been scottish norsemen. (I’m from Denmark)
See more about the church here

0 thoughts on “375 Mountains, sea and hills in Greenland. Landscape in watercolor”

  1. You did a great job on this landscape. You asked for input. I don’t see anything missed. You have good values and a good composition. The colors are great, it’s loose, who could want more.

  2. You asked for input. I like it very much, however, try and work on all parts of the picture with the same intensity, especially the foreground, that seems too loose and the depth you are trying to create would be more distinct. Basically the lower quarter of the picture needs more detail and stronger colours. Those rocks (?) need to sit not float. Have a look at Turner’s watercolours, even though they are about mist etc… they still have strong elements which create a contrast. I must say how much I enjoy following your progress.

    • Thanks a lot – I will definitely have a look a Turners watercolors. And i can see what you mean with the foreground – it seems as misty as the rest of it, and it shouldn’t.. I was thinking that perhaps i ought also do some grass straws around some of the rocks, to better articulate the foreground. I’ll have a look at that. Thanks for your suggestions!


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